The Fall Items Every Fashion Girl Will Own by EOD 



When a collection embodies essentially every fashion girl's favorite things, you know it's bound to be good, which is why we're so excited about Staud's new fall 2017 pieces. "We wanted this collection to feel luxe, a little Marie Antoinette meets Amelia Earhart meets 40’s Parisian speak easy. The palate is muted grey-blues, rose and olive. We were very inspired by undergarments from Early Modern period gowns and wanted to bring the luxe feel from under to over," says the cult cool-girl brand via release. Staud has quickly risen through the ranks of every industry insider and It girl's heart as collection after collection proves to give its customers exactly what they want. 

Just when we thought the brand couldn't get much better, the fall 2017 collection was released, and our jaws dropped. Velvet faux-fur trimmed robe coats? Yes, please. Romantic dusty-rose color schemes? Keep 'em coming. And the most idyllic fall matching sets of all time? I think we've pretty much died and gone to heaven.

If you are familiar with Staud, you know that the fashion-crazed community tends to swipe new product up extremely quickly, so we recommend shopping the new collection ASAP. Otherwise, you'll just end up hating yourself as you scroll through Instagram and see every girl you aspire to be wearing the pieces you almost bought—no one wants that. 

Go on to shop a small selection of our favorite items from the Staud fall 2017 collection and be sure to check out the rest of the pieces here