8 Secret Fashion Hacks Insiders Rarely Share

We all have secrets: the lowbrow Netflix shows we binge or the fact that we (too often) eat the whole carton of Cherry Garcia in a single sitting. But when it comes to fashion, we're of the impression that "secrets" are really better shared. Those of us intimately involved in the industry—editors, designers, and buyers alike—have picked up plenty of tricks to squirrel away for our own personal use. But good news: We're happy to share them. We tapped a few in-the-know fashion insiders to spill the style secrets they turn to in times of need. Whether it's the sneaky ways to get clothes to fit just so or hacks for shopping the next big trends no matter the budget, these tried-and-true tricks are ones to hold onto.

Curious to see what made the cut? Read on for a look at the fashion secrets these cool women utilize but don't often share!