This New Brand Only Has 500 Instagram Followers, But Is About to Get Huge

Inclusive sizing is certainly not a trend. However, over the past few years, it has become prevalent to see fashion brands expanding their size ranges to accommodate more people (see: Reformation and Loft, for example), as well as new brands popping up that set the intention not to ignore customers of any size. Regarding the latter, the latest is Second Sight. And though the label is new, chances are that you’re already familiar with the designer behind it.

Kaelen Haworth is best known for her namesake line, Kaelen, a line that last featured a collection for Spring 2017. Second Sight marks a fresh—potentially much better, as she explains—way for her to connect with fashion lovers that’s still quite rare today. “The biggest difference,” she says between her past work and this new line, “is that we’re completely focused on the women who will be wearing the clothes—no distractions. That woman is what I’m thinking about from beginning to end—no fashion shows, no traditional retail calendar—just her and how she looks and feels when she’s wearing Second Sight.”


Second Sight

While Haworth points out the so-called rules she won’t follow with her new business, there’s plenty more she’s doing differently that sets a positive tone. For starters, Second Sight will only be releasing five pieces of clothing per month. “I think we move too fast now to wait for clothing to become available on the traditional calendar,” she says of the quality-over-quantity approach. Additionally, everything on the site is available in sizes 1 to 7 (the equivalent of 0 to 24, or XXS to XXL). “I created the size range because we are doing something different, and I want women to think about sizing differently.”

First up for the launch is a range of white-and-black designs that have modern, unfussy, and elegant silhouettes that counter a classic color palette and a playful polka-dot print. And though we have to wait another month for more options, Haworth tells us that her designs come from a place of being truly informed about her customers—her longtime ones and those who deserve many more style-forward options for their size.

“In the lead-up to launch, we conducted surveys and talked to women about what they were missing and what they wanted from a shopping experience,” she explains to us, “we heard inclusivity and representation. Women who buy in extended sizing did not want to be pointed to a different page or put in a different lane than someone shopping for a ‘regular’ size.”

The first batch of products is available on site today, but feel free to peruse them below first.