The 4 Coolest Brands of the Year, According to Rosie HW's Selfies

If I could choose one celebrity to teach a master class on Instagram, it would undoubtedly be Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. The model-turned-actress-turned-entrepreneur not only gives the people what they want in terms of selfies, snippets of her luxurious travels, and even glimpses into her ultra-private family life, but to her own credit, she’s also managed to harness her following of nearly 10 million to tastefully promote a variety of projects, launch her beauty company, Rose Inc., and remind the fashion community (constantly) how stylish she is. Her account represents a true win-win in a world where most people can’t even manage to get one of those categories right. I, for one, am impressed.

I’m also off on a tangent… All I really brought you here for today was to shine a light on the brands Ms. HW has been wearing (and posting) on repeat all year long. Not surprisingly, all four are very much aligned with our own taste and are sure to qualify to be named the coolest brands of 2019—once the year comes to a close. From the young shoe label she can't stop shopping to the revamped heritage brand she wears better than anyone, see, read about, and shop all four of the designers below.

1. Amina Muaddi

While the whole fashion world seems to have caught Amina Muaddi fever, Huntington-Whiteley's penchant for the shoes goes unparalleled. In a recent closet tour briefly posted on her Instagram story, I counted what looked like at least 10 pairs from the young label, though there were probably more.  

Pictured: Amina Muaddi boots

Pictured: Bottega Veneta bag; Amina Muaddi mules

Pictured: Bottega Veneta bag; Amina Muaddi heels

2. Bottega Veneta

Daniel Lee's new Bottega is as Instagrammable as it is luxe. Lately, nearly every outfit photo posted shows the model in one of the brand's Pouch bags, It shoes, or both.

Pictured: Bottega Veneta mules

Pictured: Bottega Veneta bag and sandals

Pictured: Bottega Veneta bag

3. Jacquemus

A girl after my own heart, Rosie can't resist Jacquemus either. Aside from stepping out in this statement-making blazer, she's worn the brand's vacation-ready tops, dresses, and shoes on repeat.  

Pictured: Jacquemus dress

Pictured: Jacquemus shirt

Pictured: Jacquemus sandals; Bottega Veneta bag

4. Georgia Alice

While New Zealand–born brand Georgia Alice has blown up over the last few seasons, Rosie has actually been wearing its simple but statement-making pieces for some years now and still continues to on repeat—proving, once again, how ahead of the curve her style is.

Pictured: Georgia Alice dress; Bottega Veneta mules

Pictured: Jacquemus shirt; Georgia Alice skirt

Pictured: Georgia Alice dress; Bottega Veneta bag; Amina Muaddi mules