If Chanel Is Your Goal Aesthetic, Try These 10 Affordable Brands

Ask any woman with an eye for fashion to name her top favorite brands, and as she lists everyone from Reformation to Jean Paul Gaultier, she'll find a way to slip Chanel in there. The brand speaks a secret language in which we're all trying to become fluent. As it's known for strategic stylistic choices like tweed and color-blocking, many of the brand's designs are instantly recognizable. I recently met a woman wearing a Chanel tweed jacket that was so effortlessly pinned off the shoulders that I fell so madly in love with her ensemble and could barely maintain eye contact. The brand's clothing speaks for itself. 

In my dream world, I'd wear nothing but Chanel. However, we've got to be realistic. I'm still in my 20s and working on building out my savings account before I get into the habit of seriously splurging on designers. So in the meantime, I'll be shopping these 10 brands to get the Chanel look.

1. Maje

If you own a piece from Maje, you know that the quality is simply outstanding. For Chanel-worthy quality at a friendlier price, I have to recommend this French brand. You'll find tweed and lots of pretty buttons, and Karl would approve.

Shop the brand:

This is the only cardigan I want to buy this year.

2. Reformation

Reformation has never failed me. Every item on the menu is irresistibly chic, and scrolling through its new arrivals brings joy to me every day. When people ask me if what I'm wearing is designer, I say, "No, but it sure looks like Chanel."

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3. The Line by K

In the ready-to-wear category, Chanel is known for its knits, and The Line by K has quite a few pieces that will make you think of them. The brand's minimalist and elegant silhouettes are definitely Chanel-worthy.

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This would pair so well with a Chanel bag and sweater.

4. Musier

French brands tend to take after Chanel, and Musier is no exception. Its collection of lightweight cardigans and knit dresses would win over any Chanel collector. 

I'd have so much fun styling this with jeans.

5. Zara

We all are familiar with Zara, but did you know if you search the site well you can find Chanel-inspired pieces with ease? Its collection of tailored workwear and tweed jackets rivals them all.

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6. Sandro

Sandro is yet another French brand that I've sworn by for years. The quality is unmatched, and every item feels like a wearable statement piece. Chanel lovers are always shopping this brand.

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Cool sweaters are so on-brand for Chanel.

7. J.Crew

It might surprise you when I name J.Crew as a brand to shop when looking for the Chanel look, but if you take a closer look at its new pieces, you'll certainly agree with me.

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8. & Other Stories

Of the high-street retailers, & Other Stories is definitely a cut above the rest. Don't overlook its elevated pieces.

A good pair of boots are a necessity right now.

9. Dissh

Dissh is one of my latest discoveries, and I've been telling all of my friends about it. The site consists of luxe wardrobe staples that are elevated and so good for styling.

Shop the brand:

You can't go wrong with classic suiting.

10. Lioness

Lioness may be known for its trendy and Instagrammable moments, but its collection of strong staples is what makes the brand a forever name in my closet. You won't regret buying into it.

Shop the brand:

We love a wide-leg-pant moment.