Rose-Gold iPhones Are Selling Out Among a Very Unexpected Crowd

Rose gold has been a popular shade among the fashion set for a while now, especially when it comes to jewelry and other accessories. So when Apple announced that it would be offering rose-gold versions of the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, we assumed the same crowd would eat it up. Interestingly, though, another subset of people appears to be particularly drawn to the colorway, and to say it’s unexpected is an understatement.

According to an article on Re/Code, many of the customers lining up for the new phone when it launched last Friday were so-called bros itching to get their hands on the rose-gold version. “It’s a little bit girly, but I like it,” explained one 28-year-old. Another man, disgruntled to find that preorder was sold out in the shade, was lined up in hopes of having better luck: “I came here to give it a shot and I’m willing to walk away. Rose gold or bust.” Apparently, they weren’t alone. “There’s enough guys getting rose gold that it should be called bros’ gold,” joked a 33-year-old Twitter developer. Well, it looks like fashion bloggers have some new competition.

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