Why Are You Wearing Those Jeans You Don't Like… Again?

There’s nothing worse than those mornings where I walk down my apartment stairs, take a peek in the lobby mirror on my way out the door, and realize I feel far less than awesome in my outfit. Sometimes it’s because I haven’t done laundry in days (okay fine, a week), and others it’s because I’ve too eagerly invested in a trend that just isn’t right for me. Every once in a while, I’ll initially love how my outfit looks, only to later discover that my cute new high-waisted jeans are just a bit too high-waisted—cut to me pretending not to be super uncomfortable during meetings (you know what I mean) and a day spent not quite being able to get in the groove with my work.

On the other hand, when I love my outfit? I’m in a great mood, I feel confident and chatty, and I seem to always have a better day. While we sometimes dismiss fashion as frivolous, I think it’s worthwhile to recognize what happens when we feel fantastic in the clothes we wear to take on the world.

LOFT gets it, and in honor of their latest campaign to dress the way you feel—for real—I decided to ask the girls on my team if they feel the same way. It turns out that, like me, each of them has a go-to uniform that makes them feel their best too. From bold prints to perfectly tailored outerwear, this is what fashion editors love to wear (to the office and beyond), starting with me.

Michaela Bushkin
Associate Editor

I’ll admit it: I used to try every single major trend. Fishnets under denim? Naked leggings? Fringe everything? You name it, I’ve probably worn it at least once. However, now I streamline my shopping cart to include only the styles that I know I’ll look and feel my best in, rather than focusing solely on the ones coming down the runways.

While my weekend style is pretty low-key, at the office I tend to wear more polished pieces. Our co-founder Hillary Kerr always says to dress for the job you want, not the job you have, which is something I take into consideration most mornings when getting dressed. So on those days where I have an important meeting, I always wear a well-fitting blazer. Even better if it has matching pants and comes in a fun print like this one. I’ll sometimes still put a more casual spin on the look by wearing suede or velvet sneakers. No one looks under the conference table anyway, right?

Michelle Scanga
Managing Editor

Michelle, our managing editor, bases her OOTD on her mood rather than her schedule. Some days she dresses edgy and others totally flirty, but her favorite thing to wear is anything that accentuates her waist and elongates her more petite frame.

This season, she’s trading in her high-rise denim for its just as versatile but more sophisticated older-sister style: high-rise trousers. The belted detail on this pair makes for a slimming look while the cropped hemline creates the illusion of longer legs. Michelle says she’d definitely wear these pants on the weekends, too. For the perfect off-duty look, “pair them with some sort of crop top that shows just a sliver of skin, and casual white sneakers,” she says.

Erin Fitzpatrick
News Editor

As a news editor, Erin never knows when her day will take a turn for the chaotic. What does that mean for her outfit? “I need polished pieces that work for meetings but are also comfortable enough for a 10-hour day,” she explains.

Erin describes her style as classic and flirty, so her go-to look at the office this fall is comfy denim and a simple, feminine blouse. I love the lace top as an alternative to a button-down that is just as professional for the office. Erin plans to dress it up for a night out too. "I'd nix the coat and wear the top with high-waisted skinny jeans and block heels," she tells me.

Kristen Nichols
Associate Editor

Kristen, our associate fashion editor, says the look that makes her feel most confident is a high-waisted skirt. It takes her from a busy morning at the office to a late-night dinner with friends.

The key to pulling off a printed miniskirt at work? Pairing it with a conservative top style like a turtleneck T-shirt and a cropped blazer. At night, Kristen says transitioning her favorite piece is easy. “I would add a leather jacket, statement earrings, and heels,” she explains.

Want to love what you wear? From flattering silhouettes to fun prints, shop the rest of LOFT’s fall offerings.

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