Trusty Outfit Ideas for When You Have NOTHING To Wear

As a woman, it's highly likely you've had the following experience: opening your closet, staring at its abundant sartorial offerings, and stating to yourself (sometimes aloud), "I have nothing to wear." When it comes to dressing oneself, there is perhaps no feeling quite as miserable as this one—we think it's the fashion equivalent of poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge's famous line: "Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink."

The other part of the exquisite misery of feeling like you have literally nothing to wear, of course, is that it's simply not true. Your closet is actually filled to the brim with outfit options, but for whatever reason, you just aren't seeing them in that moment.

We're here to help! To help you figure out what to wear when you are truly convinced you have nothing, we've come up with five solid go-to outfits that are easy, universally flattering, and comfortable—the three most important qualities when you feel like all hope is lost.

Keep scrolling for five trusty outfits that will keep you well-dressed when you feel like you have nothing to wear.

If you don't already have a matching set in your wardrobe, now's as good a time as any to stock up. Matching sets are great go-to outfits in emergency "I have nothing to wear" situations because they require little conscious thought, and they're on-trend and stylish.

Whether you're going to work or heading to a dinner, this classic combination will do the trick and have you looking stylish without much fuss. Opt for a slightly undone, loose-fitting blouse to pair with your polished pencil skirt.

A slip dress has the advantage of being the easiest outfit in this entire list; it's one of the rare wardrobe essentials you really can just throw on and go. Pair it with minimal, dainty accessories, throw on your coat of choice, and you're ready to go.

For slightly nippier days when you're heading to the office or some other less casual affair, a sweater and pair of crisp slacks will take you far. The sweater gives you the opportunity to express yourself a little more, while a pair of sleek trousers is a basic that's always in style and looks good on pretty much everyone.

Ah, the ultimate "I have nothing to wear" look: a classic t-shirt and jeans combination. This is obviously for more casual affairs, but if you're heading out to meet friends or simply running errands, this iconic outfit is easy to throw on and equally as easy to dress up. Toss on a pair of comfortable heels, your favorite statement piece, and a crisp handbag, and you're all set!

What do YOU usually end up wearing when you have nothing to wear? Tell us in the comments below!

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