How Nadia Fairfax Gets Ready for a Night Out

Last year was a big one for Nadia Fairfax. We saw the relaunch of her website, Fairfax Journal, into an editorially led style blog, a starring role in the second season of Fashion Bloggers and countless collaborations with some of Australia’s best-known fashion labels.

It’s no secret Nadia loves to get dressed up for an event, so with this in mind, we sat down with her ahead of the biggest party night of the year to talk all things event dressing. Keep scrolling for our exclusive interview.

Who What Wear Australia: How do you decide what to wear to an event? What inspires you?

Nadia Fairfax: Usually it’s all about the location and then the weather! The location of your party will give you great insight into what you should wear so always read the invite. In terms of inspiration, it’s about picking a "muse of the moment" and then mixing your own style with a dash of that muse! I am currently having a Brigitte Bardot moment... One I have revisited several times. 

WWW: Does the planning start with the accessories or the outfit?

NF: The outfit (or the shoes if I have new fancy ones!) most certainly comes first and then I add jewellery right at the end. I always like to have a few options ready. I find if I pick an outfit too far in advance, by the time the event comes along I don't want to wear it anymore.

WWW: Some people say the way you’re dressed for New Year’s Eve is an indication your year ahead—do you agree?

NF: Gosh, no! On large scale occasions, like NYE and all of the fabulous NYD parties in Sydney—I tend to tone it down more than usual. I always find myself looking around and thinking everyone is a little too "done up" for my liking. It's one of those occasions where less is more! Plus, New Year’s Eve is a time to let it rip on the D-floor, I need to be able to move. 

WWW: Talk us through your ‘getting ready’ routine—do you have your girlfriends come over? Do you do your makeup first? Hair first? Have a champagne while getting ready?

NF: I pack my bag first, actually! Then hair, then makeup and I slip on my outfit just as I am walking out the door.  I do like to have music on, but I don’t drink prior to my departure—no one wants to be the girl that arrives messy. As for girlfriends coming over, we are all getting a little older and many of my girlfriends are engaged or married or with babies. We tend to spend NYE with our partners or family and come together for New Year’s Day. When we were younger we would always get ready together and at each other’s places but now days, no one wants their makeup or belongings left at someone else’s house so we all just get ready at home. We’re big girls now! Haha. 

WWW: What beauty prep and treatments do you do (if any) before an event?

NF: If I am lucky enough to be able to get an appointment I do like to get my hair done at Oscar Oscar in Paddington, apart from that, there is nothing that I don't already do every day that I would do before an event. I look after my skin, both face and body. There is nothing more gorgeous then glowing skin—it’s all about hydration! I will pay a little extra attention to my shoulders and collarbones with moisturiser over the warmer months, they are on show a lot more, and to be honest I think they are one of the sexiest parts of a woman. 

WWW:  Do you have any styling tricks for fashion emergencies while you’re out?

NF: I can be a touch clumsy sometimes, so I often find I have marked my outfit in some way whether it be makeup, or food! So, the good old soda water trick is favourite of mine. You just drench the area with the mark in soda water and pat dry with a colourless napkin.  

WWW: What do you love about your New Year’s Eve outfit?

NF: It’s simple, timeless and comfortable. I will able to look back at the photos taken from tonight in 10 years and not think "OH NO, what was I thinking?".

What’s your tip for getting ready for New Year’s Eve? Share in the comments below and then shop these last-minute New Year’s Eve dresses.

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