The Basics Brand In-the-Know Fashion Girls Are Wearing Right Now

Let's not underestimate the power of great basics. Simple staples like T-shirts and socks may get overlooked for a buzzy pair of statement heels or designer dress, but basics are what you wear more than anything else, so why not make them special? That's the idea behind Liana, launched last fall by Lili Chemla, who spent time at cool-girl favorite Staud before going out on her own.

Now, celebrities and fashion It girls alike are trying her pieces on for size, ensuring the brand's place as an industry up-and-comer. From T-shirts with velvet details to socks with a hint of sparkle, Liana's strength is that it brings something decidedly different to the basics you'll still want to wear 24/7.

Read on to see Gigi Hadid's and Emma Roberts's Liana pieces, and shop a few of our favorite styles!