The New It Bags Everyone Will Be Wearing This Year

Fendi Utility Bag Street Style


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Fun fact: I’m a huge proponent of cleaning and clearing out one’s closet regularly. Not only does this help reduce clutter and potentially earn you some money through resale, but a curated wardrobe also lets you see and, thus, get more use out of all the truly great items you have. However, the one thing I never get rid of is handbags. Ask my husband; no matter how high they stack in my bedroom, something about purses makes me too nervous to ever part with them, for fear that an older one has a chance of coming back in style (which, as we all learned from the Dior Saddle redux of 2018, happens more often than you’d think). Plus, you can never grow out of them! Major perk.

So, as you could probably guess, aside from hoarding bags, I also love researching them—and occasionally snagging one too. For that reason, I always have my eyes on what’s new and my mind on what might be the next big thing. If that sounds of interest to you, just keep scrolling to see and shop the 20 new It bags I think are going to be everywhere this year.

I have a feeling this bag and the bike shorts will be the standout pieces from Jacquemus's spring collection.

Preordering it now might be the only way to get your hands on what is sure to be the biggest belt bag of the season.

While the average shopper might prefer to invest in the classics, fashion girls love a good Chanel statement bag.

With Net-a-Porter's endorsement, L'Afshar is sure to be the next accessory line to make its mark.

Stay tuned for my analysis of strange bags, but in the meantime, shop this one.

We already knew that the Sidonie was gearing up to be Prada's next It bag, but with tie-dye shaping up to be one of spring's biggest trends, I think this iteration will blow it out of the water.

Truthfully, I'm debating buying this ice blue beauty right now.

The Attico founders know how to make an It item, and this feather-adorned bag is no exception.

The original version of this bag (without the statement chain straps) was already hard enough to get one's hands on. I can't begin to imagine how quickly this updated iteration will sell out.

If there's a new Staud bag, we can guess without even seeing it that it's going to blow up. This one, however, happens to be especially cool.

We've already spotted Montunas's eye-catching bags on countless It girls' Instagrams.

It's only a matter of time until every blogger is sporting the new Chloé C bags.

Judging by last year's shockingly successful debut, we're guessing By Far's new bags will earn similar praise from the blogger and celebrity worlds.

Cult Gaia's affordable It bags never fail to catch on.

As with many other trend pieces for the upcoming season, function is the name of the game here.

Albus Lumen always manages to reinvent basics in interesting and eye-catching ways.

It's almost as if this was made with fashion week street style in mind.

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