Women Who Can Have It All Buy Their Bags Here


Rob Kim/GC Images

Much like with shoes, my philosophy on handbags has always been that when something spans multiple spheres of It girls, ranging from models to actresses to influencers to fashion directors to all-around fashion darlings, one must take notice. As you could have guessed, such is the topic of today’s story on bags from none other than Olsen-owned The Row.

While to be honest, just the brand’s association with everyone’s favorite twins alone would have been enough to make me a fan, its influence goes exponentially beyond the familial connection. As with all their offerings, Mary-Kate and Ashley have mastered the art of the simple-yet-effective, subtle-yet-statement-making, trendy-yet-timeless, and ultimately investment-worthy handbag—though I must warn you that the investment is a big one. However, whether or not one of their actual bags (which typically start in the thousands) is on the horizon for you, there’s something to be learned by what makes them so popular, which can be then used in choosing other accessories.

As is about to be demonstrated by Net-a-Porter’s fashion director Lisa Aiken, model Gigi Hadid, actress Priyanka Chopra, mega-influencer Chriselle Lim, and more, the brand’s two most seemingly popular bag styles (the Double Circle and Ascot bags), while very different, have multiple traits in common. They both possess unique shapes, easy-to-hold handles that could also go around one’s wrist, come in black, as well as a slew of striking colors, and are offered in a range of luxe materials from satin to velvet to fur. If that’s not a recipe for sartorial success, I’m not sure what is.

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