7 Fashion Items I'm Giving Away Before the End of the Year

Whether it’s giving them away, selling, donating, or storing, what to do with one’s old clothes is definitely a to each their own kind of thing. However, I’ve realized that one trope applies to pretty much any and everyone’s wardrobe, and that is less is more. No, I’m not suggesting you Marie Kondo your closet into oblivion, but after a certain point, once you have all the basics, essentials, and trendy items of the moment, anything else taking up space in your closet is likely just clutter that’s keeping you from seeing what you even have. That’s why there’s no time like on the heels of a New Year to do some light (or heavy) closet cleansing, depending on when was the last time you cleaned house. Keep reading to see what’s on my list of items I’ll be letting go of before New Year’s Eve and why, and then of course shop some of the pieces you can replace them with.

1. Painful Shoes

While shoe trends come and go, there’s nothing that will give me the will to put on a pair of shoes I already know has killed my feet before. Even though they’re sometimes the prettiest, it’s time to let them go.

2. Outdated Denim

Similar to shoes, denim is one of the things that takes up a lot of space in one’s wardrobe, so if you don’t foresee wearing a pair of jeans or even a denim jacket in the next year because of the fit, cut, color, or anything else, do yourself a favor and remove it.

3. Cheap Thrills I'm Over

As much as I tried to minimize my fast-fashion impulse buys over the last year, there were, of course, still some super-trendy items that slipped through the cracks. Unsurprisingly, I’m already over many of them, and since they’re not increasing in value any time soon, it’s best to pass along to someone who may get to enjoy them in the present.

4. Ripped or Overly Pilled Knits

It’s sad to say goodbye to sweaters that have served you so well in the past, but sometimes they’re just beyond repair. If a knit is ripped or unsalvageably pilled, get rid of it to make room for something you can get more use out of.

5. Faded Sweats and PJ's

I don’t know about you, but sweatpants and pajamas seem to take up way too much real estate in my closet, and it’s definitely because I have more than I could possibly use to lounge in—even if I stayed home for weeks. Start taking back that space by getting rid of anything that’s faded and doesn’t make you feel good.

6. Anything Too Small

I have a habit of holding onto old clothes (or just silly purchases) that are too small, on the slight chance that someday they will fit. However, seeing as I don’t plan on drastically changing my body for the foreseeable future, if they can’t be altered to my current size, the rational move is to finally let them go.

7. Yellowed Whites

Last, but certainly not least, much like with a ripped knit or faded sweatshirt, it’s pretty difficult to bring a yellowed white back to life. If you have old tees, blouses, pants, or any white pieces that look like they’ve seen better days, give cleaning them a shot, but if it doesn’t work, just say goodbye.

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 This post was published at an earlier date and has since by updated by Aleksija Vujicic. 

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