7 Fashion Items I'm Giving Away Before the End of the Year

Whether it’s giving them away, selling, donating, or storing, what to do with one’s old clothes is definitely a to each their own kind of thing. However, I’ve realized that one trope applies to pretty much any and everyone’s wardrobe, and that is less is more. No, I’m not suggesting you Marie Kondo your closet into oblivion, but after a certain point, once you have all the basics, essentials, and trendy items of the moment, anything else taking up space in your closet is likely just clutter that’s keeping you from seeing what you even have. That’s why there’s no time like on the heels of a New Year to do some light (or heavy) closet cleansing, depending on when was the last time you cleaned house. Keep reading to see what’s on my list of items I’ll be letting go of before New Year’s Eve and why, and then of course shop some of the pieces you can replace them with.