10 Ways to Pull Off Head-to-Toe Prints for Fall

Prints can be tricky terrain, especially when you’re trying to style them head to toe. Even when worn in singular shirt or pant portions, prints have a way of overwhelming an outfit if not properly executed. For the brave souls who dare to pair prints with more prints or wear one distinct motif from collar to calf, the rewards can be great. Yet this adventurous crowd must first traverse the fine line between bringing forth bold style and simply looking too busy.

Fall poses an additional set of challenges to pulling off prints. In colder months, we no longer have spring and summer’s diverse display of colors to choose from, and seasonally appropriate patterns are not always as easy to mix and match as pastel tones and spunky florals. Despite these obstacles, there’s no reason to be intimidated. All it takes is a little attention to balance, discretion (to avoid inundating the eye), and the right curation of prints to impart an autumn-conscious feel. To prove allover fall prints can indeed be carried out, we’ve rounded up a collection of winning head-to-toe options, all fully endorsed by the street style set.

Keep scrolling to see how our favorites style their fall print ensembles