The T-Shirt Style Everyone Is Wearing Right Now

You may recall several years ago when graphic tees with cheeky spins on designer brand names were all the rage. Not since then have we seen graphic tees back with such a vengeance, but this time around, the tees are less specific and a little more subtle.

It's safe to say that we have cool designer-of-the-moment Vetements to thank for the return of the trend. The brand's penchant for graphic tees is best represented by the ultra-popular yellow DHL tee. The new wave of graphic tees favor company names and logos, Disney characters, artistic renderings, and years (i.e. 1990), as opposed to cheesy sayings. Band tees are more of a classic at this point, and are aligning with the '70s theme of the past several seasons.

We spotted more graphic tees than ever on the streets of the most recent fashion month, and stylish celebs like Kendall Jenner regularly wear them for off-duty outings. The best part? They pair perfectly with a pair of cropped flare jeans and sneakers.

Click below to see how stylish women have been wearing their graphic tees and to shop our favorite iterations.