How French Girls Really Develop Their Style

Why do French girls always look so cool? Well, it actually has less to do with their clothes than you thought. Fashionista chatted with the design duo behind French It brand Lemaire, who revealed the style mantras that many French women share.

“The French are really thoughtless and chic at the same time,” Lemaire designer Sarah Linh-Tran told the site. “They never do too much. And I think they have this good balance of dressing. It’s more about the personality and the gesture and the intelligence, for example, than having the proper clothes at the right time.”

Linh-Tran's co-designer, Christophe Lemaire, also chimed in: “There is a certain independence in the French spirit, which probably explains why there are certain qualities about how people dress.” So there you have it: Don’t overthink your look, and let your personality shine through—you’ll be well on your way to developing your very own brand of cool.

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