Avoid This Fall Item, and You're Practically Parisian



Ugh, la rentrée, or that specific back-to-school feeling that systematically drives me toward my favorite e-shops as soon as August 15 has passed. I’ve come to realize that I’m a particularly good target for marketing. Every year, like clockwork, I get the same feeling that I have to renew myself before that back-to-school period. Since then, I’ve been awaiting the new fall trends to show themselves in stores and have begun to figure out that “new me” fall silhouette while still in my bathing suit.

So what’s up this year? Of course, my phone is already full of screenshots and wish lists of the pieces I plan on (or dream of) buying. I’m not sure it’s a French thing at all though—even if it’s a topic I like to talk about with my girlfriends while at the beach (“look at that coat,” or “I’m so getting these boots when I get back to Paris!”).

September is a specific time when it comes to trends. French women like to stick to their basics during the rest of the year, but it seems like this moment gives us an excuse to buy some trendier pieces. And generally, I noticed a bunch of my Parisian friends like to get new bags to give the “school year” a good kick. I’m not really a bag person, but every year at the end of August, I look at A.P.C. and Vanessa Steward just in case.

Even though I believe it’s time to give in to some trendier pieces, I don’t think getting it all is the best option. It’s not a fall rule per se, but it’s more of a general style rule for French women: Don’t follow the trends blindly, but keep it real, and base it on your own style.

Keep scrolling for my picks for fall.