6 Flattering Fall Outfits for Every Body Type


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Right now we’re pushing our summer dresses and sandals to the back of our closets to make room for cozy sweaters and cool over-the-knee boots. Crisp fall days have arrived, and with them, an excuse to try out some of the season’s new trends. That means pieces like teddy-bear jackets, sock boots, feather-adorned accessories, and vinyl skirts.

If you’re interested in finding out what to wear for your body type, look no further: We’re zeroing in on flattering fall outfits to try out, and for inspiration, we’re looking to the ensembles stylish women like Ashley Graham, Shiona Turini, and Aimee Song swear by. Ahead, we’re breaking down the coolest ways to dress this fall, whether you’re petite, tall, or curvy.

Go on to see the look and shop six flattering fall outfits for every body type.

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