Bella Hadid Wore the Flat Shoe Trend Everyone Will Pair With Jeans in a Month

You may have noticed via her Instagram or recent masked street style shots that Bella Hadid never stops serving looks, pandemic or not. That said, her street style as of late is a bit more casual and relatable than pre-pandemic, which we can't complain about. A few days ago in NYC, Hadid wore one of her most relatable looks to date, and it contained a big fall shoe trend (the only flat shoe trend that matters this fall, some would say)—the trend being plain 'ole loafers.

To create the rest of the outfit, Hadid kept things simple with a tank top, straight-leg jeans, and a crossbody bag (sidenote: not something we see her wear often), and took inspiration from pretty much everyone's grandpa and wore penny loafers with white socks. And believe me when I tell you that loafers are going to be the shoe trend everyone wears with jeans (and sweatpants, let's be honest) this fall—even better if you include a pair of white socks. The beauty of this trend is that it's so classic that you can go for a pair of Gucci or Prada loafers or ones from ASOS or Amazon and look equally chic. And of course, I found the best black loafers on the market if you keep scrolling. It may not feel like we even had a summer, but fall is coming.


Bella Hadid loafers


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