Yep—Bella Hadid Just Made Low-Rise Pants and a Visible Thong Look Elegant

Sorry, not sorry if we sound like a broken record heralding the return of low-rise pants, but the daunting pant trend truly is starting to bubble again with more and more celebs stepping out in a pair of low slung jeans or pants. (You can't really blame us for wanting to showcase it, can you?) Tonight, Bella Hadid offered up the latest celeb look, although she's no stranger to the low-rise pants movement.

Arriving at the 2020 MTV VMAs where presented Lady Gaga, Hadid wore a pair of relaxed, low-slung trousers which (intentionally) exposed the straps of her thong along with a deconstructed mesh top and a very Y2K hairstyle. As she does with any "risky" trend, the model pulled it off flawlessly, and call me crazy, but it's actually a very chic ensemble. I'd go so far as to say it's elegant. Whether you're loving or loathing the return of low-rise pants, you have to admit that Hadid's look is a cool one. 

Bella Hadid 2020 MTV VMAs


Jeff Kravitz/MTV VMAs 2020/Getty Images for MTV