6 Casual Fall Outfits You Can Throw Together in Seconds

Casual fall outfits? More importantly—easy casual fall outfits? Sign us up. We have found ourselves stumped by the contents of our own closets on more than one occasion, but there is something about the colder seasons that makes us feel like we have been wearing the same thing for months. While there is nothing wrong with repeating a black sweater, vintage denim, and black booties at least three times a week, you and I both know that's kind of taking the easy way out.

Ahead, we are bringing you the casual fall outfits you can throw together in minutes. Combining comfortable go-to items like a sweatshirt with plaid trousers, a simple blazer with leather leggings, and a furry jacket with flared denim just might change your fall style for the better. Who are we kidding? It will definitely change it for the better.

Go on to shop the casual fall outfits fashion girls have been wearing this season.

Plain Sweatshirt + Track Pants + Hiking Style Boots

Beret + Furry Bomber Jacket + T-Shirt + Jeans + Cat Eye Sunglasses

White T-Shirt + Midi Wrap Skirt + Snakeskin Boots + Colored Sunglasses

Black Sunglasses + Wool Coat + Crew-Neck Sweater + Leather Leggings + Sock Boots

Button-Down Dress + Straw Hat + Simple Jewelry

Statement Sunglasses + Oversize Patterned Button-Down + Wide-Leg Trousers + White Sneakers

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has been updated by Dale Chong. Next up, shop the eight accessory trends Kendall Jenner loves.

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