I Think These 5 Comfortable Fall Shoe Trends Will Intrigue You

If you were to look down at the shoe selection near your front door right now, there’s a strong chance that a range of sandals would be scattered about. Well, that’s my current situation at least—we are still in summer mode after all. But that said, it’s still fun to think forward in reference to the cool shoe trends approaching with the fall season (like boots and what not). While we already highlighted some of the key 2020 footwear moments here, I thought I’d take it one step further (literally) to highlight the particularly comfortable shoe trends that I think could be intriguing to you.

The silhouettes in question are on the comfier side in that they're flat in shape. And the main reason I’m calling them out right now is that many could actually be worn with your summer outfits as well. For example, if there’s a cool night on the horizon, perhaps there's an ensemble that could work with a chic skirt, tee, and pair of boots.

With all that in mind, keep scrolling to check out five comfortable fall shoe trends as showcased on some of my favorite fashion people. And if you’re in the mood to shop for any now (or simply want to note for the future), you’ll also uncover inspired  picks as well.

Platform Boots

Comfortable fall 2020 shoe trends: chunky boots



Those chunky, lug-sole shoes and boots will enter the spotlight again come fall as a comfy and cool alternative to booties if you're looking to switch it up from time to time.

Comfortable fall 2020 shoe trends: sporty sandals



Okay, select sandal silhouettes will hold strong in the coming months. For example, on-trend sporty sandals will prove to be a great transitional shoe option to wear either bare with an outfit like this or with tube socks for a very-right-now vibe.

Retro Sneakers

Yep, retro sneakers aren't going away anytime soon. So if you've been wearing your favorite iteration this summer, hold onto them or try a fresh pair with your casual looks come fall.

Brogues and Oxfords

Sure, loafers will continue having a moment, but it's brogues and oxfords that will shine come fall for a sophisticated (and comfortable) shoe choice.

Comfortable fall 2020 shoe trends: combat boots



Combat boots were trending hard last fall, and will continue again this season with a range of designers showcasing the inherently comfortable boot choice in their collections.