Hailey Bieber’s It Boots Usher In a Major Fall Shoe Trend

If you've noticed we've been covering a lot of Hailey Bieber's looks lately, you're definitely not wrong. She wears cool outfits to do even the most mundane things, and she's very good at incorporating fall trends into her summer outfits (like she did with a certain denim trend earlier this week). The latest example of this just came again in Los Angeles, with Bieber combining short denim shorts, a boxy jacket (fall trend!), knit bra (fall trend!), and the subject of this story: the chunky-sole boot trend that's impossible to ignore. 

Lug-sole boots and basically any boot with a big, clunky sole have been popping up in the new arrivals section of every big e-tailer. We're just going to go ahead and coin Bieber's striking Bottega Veneta mid-calf, red-sole boots as a new fall It shoe, pretty much due to the fact that they're Bottega Veneta and Hailey Bieber wore them. While her boots (which are a men's sizing colorway) are quite pricey, there are plenty of other clunky-sole boots available for a much smaller investment. Shop our favorites below.


(Image credit: Rachpoot/MEGA/GC Images)

On Hailey Bieber: Magda Butrym blazer; Jacquemus Valensole Knit Bra ($135); Alexander Wang Bite Flip Shorts ($245); Balenciaga XS Hourglass Smooth Leather Bag ($1590); Bottega Veneta Men's Leather Beatle Boots ($1150); Evolvetogether Milan Face Masks ($9)

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