5 Fashion Things You Should Throw Out TODAY

As fashion lovers, we're sometimes guilty of holding onto certain items for too long just because we think we'll wear them again. We're hopeful we'll be brave enough to buy that trend item we splurged on, or we feel guilty about returning something that was a gift but just wasn't our style. While it's all well and good to venture out of your sartorial comfort zone every once and a while, there are some things that it's just not okay to keep anymore. PopSugar recently compiled a list of over 100 things you should probably dispose of, and we narrowed down the list to our top five. Here are five things you should throw out TODAY: 

1. Socks with holes
2. Freebie or promotional T-shirts

3. Shoes that don't fit
4. Old prom dresses
5. Tired bras

These are items you need to delete from your wardrobe ASAP. Don't worry—we've done all the legwork and found pieces to replace the holes in your closet. If you're in the mood to continue your summer closet cleanse, be sure to see the complete list from PopSugar.

Scroll on to shop affordable replacement items!

Are you guilty of holding onto some of these items? What fashion items do you suggest need to be discarded? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Opening Image: @newdarlings

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