14 Fashion-Industry Duos With the Coolest Style

One of the many beauties of the fashion industry is that it has clearly harbored more lifelong friendships that one can count. As you've likely experienced in your own life, a shared passion (in this case, fashion) is oftentimes the start of a beautiful friendship. And when it comes to these 14 duos, a very stylish friendship to boot.

We recently profiled Italian It girls and street style stars Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio, which inspired us to take a deeper look into some of the friendships that the fashion industry has spurred. And given the trust that comes with friendship, it's not surprising that many of these pairs have even gone into business together. (Two sartorial-minded heads are better than one!) Because these duos are so effortlessly cool, we naturally had to take this opportunity to call them out.

Keep scrolling to see which fashion-industry duos have the best style, and shop a pick inspired by each of them.

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