12 Bloggers Who Started Successful Side Businesses

Being a fashion blogger in 2016 means more than just being a fashion blogger. It means being an entrepreneur, an innovator, and a hustler. It’s become clear that building your business as a blogger is the key to longevity, a great example of that being The Blonde Salad creator Chiara Ferragni, who was reported to have made $8 million in revenue in 2014. The majority of Ferragni’s income is the result of her popular accessories line. In fact, the most common side business among fashion bloggers is an apparel line. It makes sense, given that bloggers’ followers trust their style and look to them for inspiration. It’s not surprising that many of these bloggers’ side businesses have become so successful that they now consider them their main businesses.

Most bloggers have carved out a specific niche that’s in line with their blog’s aesthetic—i.e., the California girl with a swimsuit line and the handbag blogger with a bag line. But that’s not to say retail is the only arena these bloggers have delved into. Keep scrolling to learn about top bloggers’ successful side businesses and to shop pieces from their collections!

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