The Trends Our Editors Are So Over Right Now

We all have different preferences when it comes to style. For some, they love to keep it simple with a daily uniform while others prefer to mix it up with a variety of different looks. Well, just like personal style differs, so does taste in specific trends. There may be certain looks you love but your BFF can’t stand, and vice versa. To give you a sense of what our editors (who all have different styles!) think about this topic, we tapped each and every one of them to spill on the trends they absolutely adore—and those they want to be gone forever. We bet you’ll totally be on the same page with many of these.

Keep scrolling to check out the number one trends we want to banish, as well as those we can’t get enough of. Plus, shop our favorites. We promise there’s something for everybody ahead.

“It might have been Coachella fashion that pushed me over the edge, but I’m ready for body chains to be retired. I’m not saying I won’t be feeling them several years down the line, but for now, I could use an extended break.”

“I love how vintage high-waisted jeans look, so I hope they stay around for many years to come. I have quite a few pairs now, so I’m quite invested!”

“I have always hated Bermuda shorts. There is just something about the style I cannot stand. I think there are a lot of other modest and polished short styles out there that could easily replace them. In my opinion, they wouldn’t be missed.”

“I love the pajama trend that is happening right now, particularly the tops. I wouldn’t hate it if this trend stuck around forever.”

“Can we make those fake septum rings go away? They scare me.”

“A jewelry trend I hope never leaves the scene is a bold earring. It’s the perfect way to update your look with next to no effort.”

“While I’m okay with flip-flops at the beach or at a pool, I am not down with the rubber sandals out and about. With all of the cool slide options out there right now, there’s really no reason to wear the clunkers in your everyday life.”

“I can’t get enough of statement ankle boots. The right pair can transform your outfit like that—and I’m particularly obsessed with this gorgeous pair from Dries Van Noten. So forward and cool.”

“I would definitely banish body-con because honestly, it’s the furthest thing from flattering for my body type and I love sandwiches more than I love wearing tight clothes!”

“I hope cropped jeans never ever go out of style, because a good crop is my secret to looking taller!”

“I’d be okay if I never saw a cropped mock turtleneck top again. I’m all for the non-cropped style as it lends a flattering silhouette, but the cropped version feels too festival-ready for me.”

“For the trend I never want to go out of style? Block heels! The style is supportive and comfortable, which is a win-win in my book!”

“I love me some good Birkenstocks, but some of the ugly sandals I see around are too over the top for me. I’m not crazy about any shoes covered in too many embellishments or with overly chunky soles.”

“I hope that I never have to give up wearing sneakers. I’m easygoing—what can I say?”

“I’m ready to say sayonara to matching sets. I think I reached peak matching set in my elementary school days and haven’t looked back. I’m just not a very matchy-matchy person. I prefer for things to be a bit more unexpected.”

“As far as the trend that I hope never dies, it’s anything high-waisted. It makes for such a polished, slimming silhouette and ensures that even crop tops always look tasteful.”

What trend do you want to banish? Let us know in the comments below!

Opening Image: Sandra Semburg

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