36 Ways to Wear the Top 4 It Items of Fall



I'm just going to say it: Shopping is a gamble. While on the one hand, you want to participate in seasonal trends and try out new styles, on the other hand, it's impossible to know how much wear you'll really end up getting out of a new purchase. We get it, which is why we went ahead and identified the four It items of the season and highlighted the outfit photos to prove just why and how each piece will pull its weight in your wardrobe—this season and beyond.

Each piece is the perfect manifestation of fall's biggest trends: the Western trend, the animal-print trend, the neon trend, and the tailoring trend. We're not the only ones who think so, either. Ten of our amazing Who What Wear readers (and two editors—hi, Michelle and Kristen!) test-drove the It pieces and reported back with their honest reviews and three different ways to wear each. But if their inspirational outfit photos are any indication, the reviews are glowing across the board. Ready to discover the fall essentials reviewed by our editors and community?

If the plethora of outfit ideas in this story don't convince you on at least one of these It pieces, maybe our cost-per-wear analysis will.