The Shoes We're All Going to Wear This Season


Collage Vintage

This fall, we saw an overwhelming amount of shoe trends come down the fall/winter runways, each more covetable than the next. Average ankle boots were transformed into striking red stompers, evening heels got a cool makeover by way of slippery satin, and extravagant adornments found homes right on the soles of our feet. 

Here, we have condensed the many fall shoe trends that turned up this season to a simple number: five. The lucky winners are trends that we've seen everywhere from street style imagery to fashion-girl Instagrams, and naturally have ended up on the shelves of the coolest retailers. So if you haven't stocked up on your fall footwear selection quite yet, now is your chance. 

Go on to shop the five fall shoe trends you'll see everyone (including us) wear this season.