How to Make Your Jeans Way Cooler in Just 2 Steps

If you’re reading this, you’re either looking to freshen your next denim outfit or on the hunt for your next DIY project, and either waytoday’s at-home trick is a must try. You know those jeans with the undone hem and cool slits up the ankle—the denim look that is a street style and blogger favorite? (Proof below.) Good news: The style that’s perfect for a laid-back summer outfit is achievable at home in just two simple steps, and all you'll need is an old pair of jeans and a seam ripper

Step One: Use a seam ripper to release the hemline at the bottom of your jeans.

Step Two: Cut a 2- to 2½-inch slit on the inside of your jeans. Use your judgement here, depending on how high you’d like the slit. From there, shake out your jeans and let the newly released hem fall into place.

For inspiration, check out five ways to wear the popular style below.