The Denim Rule I Always Follow

How many of you have ever been personally victimized by a pair of uncomfortable jeans? (Raises hand.) We feel you. It’s truly a horrible thing when you’re not comfortable in your outfit: you’re always a little distracted by it, there’s awkward fidgeting and shifting involved, and you’re pretty sure your general discomfort is apparent to everyone around you. It’s hard to feel chic when you’re dying to run home and pull your sweats on—but we promise it doesn’t have to be this way.

Fashion girls like Brittany Xavier of Thrifts and Threads are the people we turn to in times like these, so when the in-demand blogger—and young mom—told us she was willing to share some of her intel with us on the subject of comfortable yet stylish denim, we were all ears. Below, Xavier tells us about the fashion fail that led to her #1 style rule, and spills the important ingredient in-the-know girls look for when they’re shopping for jeans.

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