20 Cute Fall Outfits You Need to Copy


Collage Vintage

You have your list of morning rituals: hitting snooze a few too many times, scrolling through emails while brushing your teeth. For me, it's a requirement to check the weather app before I pick out what to wear. This morning, I popped it open to find the day's projected forecast to be sunny and 65. But, as I tried to figure out what that I realized that with the changing seasons, I was stumped on exactly how to dress for the new cooler temperatures. I'm not ready to put away my favorite summer staples, and it's not quite cold enough to embrace my heaviest coats, so what exactly do I wear?

If you too are feeling a bit confused about how to dress for these crisp fall days, don't stress, I'm here to help. Below, I've found 20 outfits that are currently inspiring my seasonal dressing, and I'm guessing they'll pique your interest too. From polished suiting for the office to a cold-weather way to wear my denim cutoffs, there's a look that will fit every occasion. So stow your favorite ensembles away for the perfect blustery day. And if you're feeling inclined to add to your October wardrobe, there's a little weather-appropriate shopping too. 

Check it all out below.