Chanel's Butterfly-Inspired Summer Colours

Peter Philips, the former Creative Director of Chanel cosmetics, took his summer inspiration from the wings of butterflies. His interpretation--electric gold and silver Stylo Fresh Effect Cream Eyeshadows ($34), vibrant shades of Inimitable Mascara ($30), the Eyeshadow Quad ($59) in Metamorphose, a palette of shimmering blues--is quite literal and not, at first glance, for the faint of heart. Not sure about the sunshine yellow mascara? Reach for Metamorphose instead. It holds four stunning shades: a blendable gold and silver, a forest green-tinged teal, and a rich, sparkling navy. It also comes with tips from Philips: where to use which shade, how to layer one over the other, and how to turn the powder into liner. Need one more reason to invest? It’s the last collection conceived by the brilliant Philips, whose role has shifted to focus on runway and editorial work instead of product development.

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