See? Even Celebrities Live in Leggings—9 Easy Outfits I'm Copying ASAP

Leggings, once relegated to gym workouts, have now found their way into the everyday regalia of A-list celebrities who seem to be wearing them on rotation—just like the rest of us are—now that temperatures have started to take a downturn. From Elsa Hosk to Emily Ratajkowski, lately, the stars are turning the athleisure staple into a versatile fashion statement that effortlessly transitions from cosy loungewear to chic street style.

Picture Kendall Jenner striding confidently in leggings paired with heels, a leather jacket and a classic roll-neck—a look that could easily be mistaken for a runway moment during her coffee run. Laura Harrier? She's blending luxury pieces such as wool maxi coats and minimalistic leather boots with leggings for a high-low look that exudes sophistication (and apparently works for the airport, too!). Rosie Huntington-Whiteley? She's mastering the art of casual cool, pairing her leather leggings with relaxed knitwear like it's second nature. And then there's Zoë Kravitz, who manages to make leggings look like couture with sunnies and a dramatic top. Who needs jeans anyway?

With nine celebrities setting the trend, leggings offer a blend of comfort and versatility, making them the ultimate wardrobe chameleon. Whether you're running errands or planning on elevating them for an evening out, these celebrity leggings outfits will help you unlock the limitless potential of leggings in your own wardrobe.

1. Kendall Jenner


(Image credit: @kendalljenner)

Style Notes: A trick for making your leggings look more expensive? Pair them with premium fabrications such as leather or cashmere. Or, in Kendall Jenner's instance, both! 

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2. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


(Image credit: @rosiehw)

Style Notes: Easy autumn looks don't get much simpler than this Rosie Huntington-Whiteley-approved leather leggings-and-oversized knit pairing. 

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3. Laura Harrier


(Image credit: GETTY IMAGES)

Style Notes: We love seeing what celebrities wear to the airport and, for my next flight, I'll absolutely emulating Laura Harrier's look, which includes a long coat, black leggings and easy-to-slip-off-at-security ankle boots. 

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4. Elsa Hosk


(Image credit: @hoskelsa)

Style Notes: Who said leggings couldn't look glamorous? Split-hem pairs loan themselves perfectly to evenings out, especially when you style them with mules and a chic trench coat. 

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5. Jasmine Tookes


(Image credit: GETTY IMAGES)

Style Notes: You needn't stick to black or dark leggings, either! Jasmine Tookes makes a case for lighter hues, going as far as to lean into the cream theme of her pair with a matching vest top and cardigan. For peak comfort, just add Uggs. 

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6. Sofia Richie Grainge


(Image credit: GETTY IMAGES)

Style Notes: Thank you, Sofia Richie Grainge, for assembling the perfect errands-running outfit for us. I didn't know I needed a Dragon Diffusion bag so badly. 

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7. Emily Ratajkowski


(Image credit: GETTY IMAGES)

Style Notes: Cropped leggings have a completely different feel to longer styles, and can be dressed up with ease. According to Emily Ratajkowski, all you need is your favourite blazer and heels. 

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8. Zoë Kravitz


(Image credit: GETTY IMAGES)

Style Notes: Leggings on the red carpet are a rarity but if anyone can pull them off in such a way, it's Zoë Kravitz. Her top gives her shiny leggings instant polish, and finishing with some shades won't hurt matters in the cool department either. 

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9. Hailey Bieber


(Image credit: GETTY IMAGES)

Style Notes: If Hailey Bieber wears something, I usually want to copy it. This time, she's convinced me I do in fact need a pair of flare leggings, which she expertly toughens up with a roomy leather biker. 

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