This Is the Biggest Celebrity Trend of the Summer

If we earned a new pair of shoes every time a celebrity wore an exposed-shoulder top or dress over the past few months, we'd have a closet the size of Texas. Dad jokes aside, it's safe to say baring your shoulder(s) earns the spot for the most popular trend of the summer. We've done our share of covering the topic, from providing a complete guide to every off-the-shoulder style you need to know about to crowning it the most flattering neckline no matter your age.

One of our favorite things about the celeb-approved trend is the variety of styles available and ways to wear the look. Whether you embrace the one-shoulder silhouette like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, test the peekaboo cutout design à la Miranda Kerr, or go for the classic straight-across style, it's a look everyone can (and should) embrace.

Find out which version of the trend fits your personal style the most with a little inspiration from the most stylish celebs below.