3 Expert Tips for Finding the Best Vintage Jeans

Janet Sung is the creative director and founder of Denim Refinery, an e-boutique and style site where customers can send in their denim to be customized with industry treatments such as waxing, distressing, or even laser printing. Along with this service, Denim Refinery also offers a carefully curated selection of classic vintage denim that has been gently "refined" while still preserving the original aesthetic. This collection is also carried at stores around the country, like Totokaelo, Kick Pleat, Frances May, and Concrete & Water. Through simple styling, Sung strives to maintain a timeless aesthetic for the brand, encouraging her customers to regard vintage as an equivalent to contemporary wear.

The hunt for vintage jeans is an activity that can be as intimidating as it is rewarding. Fortunately, with so many vintage shops that have cropped up everywhere, the search has been made so much easier, both online and in-store. The experience of finding your right fit is a very specific one, but once you’ve locked it down, you can easily shop for future pairs.

Scroll down for three very helpful shopping tips!