I Get Compliments Every Time I Wear These Fall Boots


Collage Vintage

If it were up to me, summer weather would last year round. But if there's one reason I get excited when the leaves finally start to turn, it's the fact that boot season starts. Pumpkin spice doesn't set my heart aflutter, and neither does the idea of throwing on a scarf, but boots are a whole different story. Styled with skinny jeans, leggings, or even a floaty dress, boots go with every fall outfit, but lately, there's one style in particular that garners me plenty of compliments every time I wear it.

Stuart Wetizman's Clingy boots are a favorite of celebrities, but even for me, the boots in white have become to a go-to. The heels are high enough to work for an evening event, but they're still comfortable when I'm running from appointment to appointment. The white hue, though admittedly intimidating to keep clean, has weathered well so far, and I love the way they pop against whatever I'm wearing without feeling too over the top. In fact, it may just be the bright shade that catches everyone's attention. Whatever the reason may be, there's no doubt in my mind that these will remain my go-to boots for all of fall and winter too.

Read on to shop them, along with more white boots for the coming season.