The Best Short, Midi, and Long Dresses to Wear With Boots This Fall

Fact: The easiest, most timeless fall outfit on the planet is a dress and boots. It's comfortable, appropriate for just about any occasion, and it takes zero time and effort to put together. It takes even less time if you have several dresses and boots to choose from, and now just happens to be the best time to shop for fall dresses, as the stores are stocked. But where to even begin? I'm here to help with that.

For this fun shopping activity, I broke things down into three dress styles which I paired with the best boot style to wear with each. We have minidresses with knee boots, midi dresses with lug-sole boots, and maxi dresses with kitten-heel ankle boots. Below, I found some of the best styles from each category for you to mix and match to your heart's desire. Prepare to feast your eyes on dresses from the likes of Zara, Reformation, and Nordstrom, and boots by the likes of The Row, Sam Edelman, and Mango (to name a few).

Minidresses + Knee Boots

Mini dresses and knee boots



When it comes to wearing minidresses in the fall, it's all about balancing proportions. Knee boots do just that. Not only do they look cool, but they also keep your legs warm(ish).

Midi Dresses + Lug-Sole Boots

Midi dresses and lug-sole boots



People wear lug-sole boots with everything these days, but fashion people really love wearing them with midi dresses in the fall. They make almost any midi dress look cooler.

Long Dresses + Kitten-Heel Ankle Boots

Long dresses and kitten-heel boots



Long dresses are, well, long, so wanting to add a bit of height so they don't drag on the floor is valid. The best way to do so is with a pair of kitten heel ankle boots. That way, you get both comfort and height and you'll look very chic while you're at it.