It's Just My Take, But These Affordable Jewelry Pieces Look Really Expensive

In my opinion, jewelry is one of the best things you can add to your wardrobe. A great pair of statement earrings or a chunky-chain necklace really have the power to transform what you're wearing. I also don't think you need to spend a lot on jewelry for it to be great. In fact, some of my favorite pieces come from brands such as Brinker & Eliza, Young Frankk, Mayol, Bagatiba, and Daphine that hit on the coolest jewelry trends of the moment at great price points.

Ahead, I'm highlighting some of the best affordable jewelry finds under $150 on the internet right now. It's just my take, but all of these read as much more expensive than they actually are. Here, you'll find everything from the colorful jewelry that has been taking over on Instagram to the rings I basically never take off. Get ready to add some fun pieces to your closet.


Fashion people can't get enough of the colorful pieces that are everywhere right now.

A classic find you can wear for years and years.

I love the artisanal look of these gilded earrings.

Numbering is a brand you should definitely have on your radar.

These are sitting in my shopping cart right now.


La Manso's rings are carving themselves out as the pieces to own in 2021.

These almost look like stacked rings but are actually one piece.

I actually live in these rings and love to stack a few at a time.

Can you tell I'm really into these cool textured metal pieces?

More fun and colorful rings.

Bagatiba is another amazing brand you'll find in my jewelry collection.

Colorful gemstones are on the rise.


The perfect chain necklace and exactly how to style it.

I own this necklace and can confirm that it's perfect.

Yep, Young Frankk with another stunning piece.

By Alona is the UK brand you'll always see fashion people wearing.

Yet another piece that taps into the colorful-jewelry trend.


It doesn't get more timeless than a classic tennis bracelet.

To wear on its own or stack with more chain pieces.

I honestly can't get enough of Brinker & Eliza's designs.

I love the idea of wearing these bracelets over a sleeve.

There are a lot of chain pieces on the market, but Laura Lombardi's always stand out.

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