Sorry, But These 8 Jewelry Trends Aren't Making It to 2024


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Jewelry is such a personal thing, and you should wear whatever trends you like or stick to classic pieces—it's your call. But as fashion editors, we have strong opinions about just about every fashion-related thing, jewelry included. Given that it's a new year and the seasons are headed toward a change, we thought it a good time to discuss the current jewelry trends in anticipation of shedding our layers and revealing our necks and wrists again.

In recent seasons, all things Y2K have dominated the chat, and that includes jewelry. Some of us are still on board with that, while others are ready for something new and different. Wherever it is you stand with the current trends, you're sure to find something you agree with below and possibly some jewelry pieces you'd like to add to your collection. Keep scrolling for our jewelry-trend hot takes and to shop pieces we're gravitating toward.

Low-Key Over: Colored Beads

Buying Into: Corded Pendants


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Just a few years ago, you'd find our jewelry boxes overflowing with colorful beaded necklaces, bracelets, and even phone charms. But with the overarching mood moving into a more refined and elegant style, our appetite for those playful pieces has diminished. In its place, we're seeing a rise in a different kind of quirky jewelry item: corded pendant necklaces. These tap into a nostalgic feeling too, but the sculptural pendants feel a tad more grown-up, especially Tiffany and Co. x Elsa Peretti's Bean necklace, which has quickly become a fashion-insider favorite.

Low-Key Over: Crystal Drop Earrings

Buying Into: '80s Earrings


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Love them or hate them, there's no denying it—the '80s are staging a comeback. The "more is more" mentality of the decade is seeping back into the present day, and nowhere is this more evident than in our earring collections. Thanks go to designers such as Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, and Ferragamo for putting larger-than-life studs and retro clip-ons on their recent runways because the style is everywhere we look now. They've pretty much ousted statement crystal earrings as the go-to finisher for any evening or night-out look.

Low-Key Over: Body Chains

Buying Into: Brooches


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Body jewelry has always felt like a summertime fling—here for a good time, but not a long one. Now that 2024 has arrived, it's safe to say that it won't be the biggest year for the jewelry category. Instead, there has been lots of chatter among our editors about brooches, a more niche accessory that feels long overdue for a renaissance. Sculptural pins and pretty brooches popped up a number of times in the spring/summer 2024 collections, indicating that these are a rising accessory trend to know. Fastening one to your coat or blazer is a genius way to spice up your cold-weather outfits.

Low-Key Over: All-Gold Everything

Buying Into: Silver Jewelry


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We've been "all-gold everything" people for so long that we barely have any silver pieces, but this season stands to change that in a big way. Across the recent runways, designers finished off their looks with sculptural silver pieces that ranged from spiraled cuffs to chunky earrings, and we've been inclined to follow suit. One of our editors recently picked up a collar necklace and has been surprised by how many outfits it goes with. Consider us converted.

Low-Key Over: Tech Watches

Buying Into: Substantial Watches


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As women continue to demystify the world of luxury watches, we're seeing a noticeable trend in substantial timepieces that are anything but dainty or delicate. In fact, we're predicting that 2024 will be defined by a genderless approach to wearing and shopping for watches. That means that we'll see more women embracing silhouettes with larger faces and wider chain-link straps that make a classic statement all on their own. The iconic Rolex Datejust and newer Gucci G-Timeless are two timepieces we love right now. One watch style we're seeing on the decline, however, is the tech watch, including the digital-face Casio watches we loved in the mid-2010s.

Low-Key Over: Delicate Stacking Necklaces

Buying Into: Bold Collars


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If some of the aforementioned trends have been any indication, prepare to see a lot more statement pieces in 2024 and fewer dainty stacks of jewelry. When it comes to necklaces, designers have been sending out very chic updates on the collar necklace in sculptural metal and acetate iterations. Per this memorable Bottega Veneta runway look from the S/S 23 collection, a bold collar necklace looks good with something as simple as a crewneck sweater or white tee.

Low-Key Over: Charm Bracelets

Buying Into: Big Bangles


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What did we just say about singular statement pieces? Well, you guessed it—that applies to bracelets too. Large, chunky bangles and cuffs are set to fully replace charm bracelets this year, and the sculptural pieces make for a chic anchor to just about any outfit.

Low-Key Over: Quirky Pearls

Buying Into: Seashell Motifs


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If the previous few years were all about baroque and organic-shaped pearls, then this next calendar year will be defined by seashell themes. The motif is one we've noticed pop up seemingly out of nowhere, but all of a sudden, quirky spiral- and shell-shaped earrings and necklaces are everywhere we look. No, you don't have to wait until summer to wear these beachy designs.

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