I'm Cashmere Obsessed—This Is Where You Can Find the Best High-Street Pieces

There are so many reasons why I love shopping on the high street, but finding high-quality cashmere at affordable prices might be the biggest one. Once only available from the highest echelons of fashion brands, over the past few years our high-street stores have started gifting us with well-made and timeless cashmere staples at a fraction of the designer prices. Of course, as a luxury fabric, cashmere items across the high street will come in at a higher cost than their wool or cotton counterparts, but for its supremely soft touch, insulating qualities and natural longevity, I always recommend integrating one or two cashmere items into your wardrobe if you can. 


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On Francesca Saffari: COS Chunky Pure Cashmere Crew-Neck Jumper (£200)

Whilst great high-street cashmere used to be a rarity, it’s now available in abundance. Enduring favourites COS and H&M continue to expand their cashmere offerings, catering to trending colours and a variety of cuts, whilst Me+Em features cashmere throughout its collection, producing vests, trousers, hats and jumpers in the plush fabric. To help you navigate the wealth of available styles, read on to discover the high-street brands our editors turn to year in, year out for designer-quality, deeply comfortable cashmere items that are a true pleasure to wear.

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1. COS

2. H&M 


4. ME + EM



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