The 18 Best Cashmere Sweaters for Every Budget

It’s January, which means there’s a good chance you’re freezing right about now. In fact, if you’re reading this on your cell phone, I hope you’re holding it with tech gloves on because I know that where I live (NYC, in case you’re wondering), it’s not exactly the climate for exposed fingers. So what helps? Sweaters. But not just any sweaters—cashmere, to be exact. Now, I know cashmere has the reputation of being a luxury that’s expensive and out of reach, but it actually keeps you warmer than a lot of other materials, making it worth the investment. Plus, thanks to a handful of amazing brands, it’s no longer reserved for the budget-less shopper. To prove it, today I’ve rounded up 18 cashmere sweaters that work for anyone. From a Uniqlo style that fashion girls rave about to designer picks upward of $1000, shop the best cashmere sweaters on the internet right now, sorted from highest price to lowest.

The sweater you can wear anywhere from a party to hungover brunch.

We'll definitely be seeing this hit the street style scene come fashion week.

The polo neckline turns a normal sweater into a fashion sweater.

Sometimes you want something easy to tuck in.

If you're into options, this $100 sweater comes in a whopping 15 colorways.

J.Crew sweaters have a cult following—for good reason.

While neutrals are usually my thing, I often make an exception for forest green.

Take it from someone who actually owns this sweater: No matter your budget, this unisex-designed option is for you.

You know you can always count on Uniqlo for warm but affordable winter wear.

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