Shop the Best Fall Trends, All Under $100

From a consumer standpoint, there are several approaches you can take to fashion trends. There’s the option to ignore them entirely, opting only for classic pieces. Then there’s the option to selectively invest in just one or two, mastering the ones that are best for your budget and body type. And lastly there’s the option to try them all, or at least a bunch—which, in our opinion, is the most fun.

One major downside to option three, however, is that it has the potential to become quite a costly endeavor, if you know what we mean. Unless, of course, there was a way to try the trends without breaking the bank… the subject of today’s post! We’ve found the best under-$100 version of every fall trend worth knowing about so you can test them out without breaking the bank.

Scroll through to shop our picks; then check out our comprehensive fall trend report for an in-depth look at each trend!

Velvet is one of fall’s most hard-to-ignore trends, seeing as it’s literally everywhere. An open-back bodysuit will serve you well because you can wear it in the day with a jacket and then transition it into night by simply taking off the outer layer.

While goth sounds unapproachable, it’s easy to hint at the out-there trend with totally wearable accessories such as this black choker.

The best thing about these jeans? They’re 100% cotton, which means they’ll have the stiff feel of a designer pair, despite costing under $100. 

Take the streetwear trend into fall an winter by swapping your lightweight bomber for something padded and oversize. When it comes to this trend, the bigger the better! 

Arguably one of the most unexpected trend of the season, it’s easy to wear brown if you simply think of it as a neutral. Rather than your go-to black or gray sweater, this fall, layer this brown turtleneck with every outfit instead. 

These heeled, studded loafers have an on-trend Gucci vibe while maintaining wearability. Take them everywhere, from work to drinks to a concert.  

The ballet trend can be most easily achieved by looking for pieces with wrap details. An added bonus, besides looking ultra-forward, is that wraps are instantly more flattering than other styles because you can tie them to flatter your shape.  

Our favorite route to achieving the boho look is through an ever-versatile midi dress. Style this with every shoe style, from sneakers to sandals to ankle boots

A military jacket is our favorite statement piece of the season, because while it certainly stands out you can simply think of styling it as you would any other blazer. 

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