Go Behind The Scenes Of Hunger Games: Catching Fire With Costume Designer Trish Summerville

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    Summerville—who also curated the incredible wardrobe for Girl With the Dragon Tattoo—tells us about the costumes that bring Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, Jena Malone as Joanna, and Elizabeth Banks as the outlandishly chic Effie to life. 

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    PHOTO: Lionsgate

    Katniss Dress With Feather Epaulets

    “I designed this dress. I wanted to keep the story line of the girl on fire and also the Mockingjay. It’s completely embroidered with a velvet bodice, and a motif of feathers around shoulders and down her chest. The bottom is a sheer tulle, and from the hem up it’s an abstract flame shape.”

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    PHOTO: Lionsgate

    Katniss in Leather Outfit

    “This look came from the first film. I felt it was important to still have it in the second, because it was a character point. We aged the jacket down and beat it up. I put a big sweater collar over it, because it’s winter now, and it gives her some substance. We don’t know if it’s something that came from The Capitol or her mom knitted it. We see the look in the first entrance, and lose it there on out.”

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    PHOTO: Lionsgate

    Katniss in Tex Sevario Fantasy Wedding Dress

    “Jakartan designer Tex Saverio and I collaborated on the dress. We discussed fabrics and how we needed it to catch light and air and to flow, and it needed to burn away for when the Mockingjay dress comes out. I wanted the metal bodice to feel like a frame. We used feathers to incorporate Girl on Fire and the Mockingjay.”

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    PHOTO: Lionsgate

    Katniss in Girl on Fire to Mockingjay Dress

    “For the Mockingjay dress, there’s supplemental printing on layers of chiffon with different images of blue jays, mocking birds, peacocks, and pheasants. There’s a corseted bodice at the top, and we worked with an illustrator who constructed a literal image on the bodice and feathers on the skirt, and metallic chiffon to catch light. Finally, I paired it with cobalt blue Jimmy Choos that Jen (Lawrence) really loved.”

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    PHOTO: Lionsgate

    Effie in Fuchsia Alexander McQueen Dress

    “I contacted McQueen’s public relations team and told them how we were changing from the first to second films, and what character we wanted their pieces on and what we wanted to achieve. They were lovely about loaning us one of a kind and archive pieces.” 

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    PHOTO: Lionsgate

    Effie in Butterfly Alexander McQueen Dress

    “There were some unbelievable pieces McQueen sent, and we pretty much used all. Effie wears dresses with an exaggerated hip area and exaggerated collar. It’s all about her constantly being uncomfortable, cinching her waist too tight, like she’s always doing penance.”

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    PHOTO: Lionsgate

    Effie in Lilac Alexander McQueen Dress

    “It was so incredible with Elizabeth Banks, even at the first set of fittings. She came in as Elizabeth Banks, no makeup, her own clothes. As soon as she put the costumes on, her posture would become erect and she had this torque where her chest is in and bum out and her hands would go up—and you knew that was Effie Trinket!”

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    PHOTO: Lionsgate

    Johanna in Custom Dress

    “If I had to describe Johanna in three words, it would be: Intense, ferocious, and hard. This dress is made out of cork pressed into a fabric with tiny brass nails in it; it’s perfect for her. It’s shredded at the bottom, so it looks like falling leaves. Her chariot costume (not pictured), is one of my favorite I designed. She wore McQueen boots have a patina on them that looks like vines. But you only see her from the waist up! I was heartbroken. I hope there are some head to toe images of her that will surface at some point.”

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