This Mystery Parisian Stylist Is Going to Be Big on Instagram

There's a new French style influencer making waves on Instagram, and while we don't know his name (at least for now), his account is worth a follow if you love fashion. Vogue discovered the anonymous 23-year-old Parisian, who goes by the name "YouthSmhr" on social media, and his identity remained under wraps for an interview with the magazine. "I really wanted to show my work first and not myself," he wrote. "I decided to have my arms as my signature on every person I style. My face is not on camera, but my work is present."

It's true—alongside every model is a set of arms reaching out as a stylist would while on a photo shoot. Although he has a modest following of around 5000, every post garners impressive engagement. For every like there's a plethora of fashion fans commenting, tagging friends, or complimenting his work. The feed is beautifully curated, too. Many of the layered, streetwear-inspired looks are photographed outdoors against an industrial backdrop, and every look is as impeccably styled as the next. Get ready for some top-notch fashion inspo when you follow Youth Smhr on Instagram.

Read more about the up-and-coming French stylist at Vogue.com, and keep scrolling to check out some of our favorite looks from his page.

Do you have a favorite Youth Smhr–styled outfit? Tell us in the comments.

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