The 4 Worst Kinds of Leggings to Wear to Work Out

Lately, it seems like there’s nowhere you can’t wear leggings. From simply nailing a cool post-gym look to a chic airport outfit and even a night-out, the comfortable option seems to be fashion’s answer to the (ever-so-controversial) decline of the skinny jean—and we’re not mad about it. With so many new uses for the workout staple, designers have responded with new styles that are so sleek and flattering, you forget they’re even leggings.

But, in becoming as wearable outside the gym as in it, some options have been designed without their core purpose in mind: working out. So to get the low-down on which styles to reserve for streetwear and which are pilates-ready, we reached out Danny Harris, Owner and CEO of Alo Yoga (you know, the brand Kendall, Gigi, and countless other it girls can’t stop wearing), and he broke down the four characteristics one should avoid if hitting the gym. 

Scroll through to see what he had to say!

“The most important part of finding the perfect workout pant is ensuring the fit is right for you and that it caters to your workout! When looking at workout pants, always check the waistband and make sure it works for you. It's best to avoid styles that pinch the skin or hug too tightly, resulting in a muffin top.” — Danny Harris, owner and CEO of Alo Yoga

“Depending on the workout, avoid leggings with harsh hardware which can result in pinching or chafing - especially for yoga and pilates.” — Danny Harris

“Workout clothes today often have a lot of seams which make them super wearable and more fashion-forward, but when it comes to working out, we recommend not having seams on the knee bone or the back of the knees as it can cause irritation. From a look perspective—a flat-locking seam is best as they lie flat on the body and look more polished!” — Danny Harris

“No matter the workout, I always recommend pieces that have wicking or quick drying material, anything without can yield an uncomfortable workout. Also, a gusset or cotton liner is recommended, as they add an extra level of comfort to your workout clothes." — Danny Harris

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Opening Image: Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

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