The Style Trends That Will Be Big This Winter

Part of what makes winter so much fun for those of us in fashion is that we finally have a chance to layer up, and really flex our muscles for flare. It sounds easy, sure, but in winter, choosing the right styles can make all the difference. A bold coat, or even the right boots, can take a simple outfit to a whole new level. 

So, now that the chilly season is quickly approaching, what are those must-haves fashionable women are shopping for? Well, there are a few key trends we've kept our eyes on. Each of our must-wear styles for the season can stand alone, but look pretty darn good layered up too. So, no matter how cold it may get, you'll know exactly what to wear, you trendsetter. Intrigued? Read on for our breakdown of the need-to-know trends for the coming months, then shop each with abandon! 

Cat lady


Collage Vintage

Whether you consider yourself a cat person or not, we have a feeling you’ll be on board with the leopard and tiger prints you can expect to see everywhere in the coming months. Layer the eye-catching style with solid staples to let your wild side take the spotlight.

Sporty Puffer

Have a mountain vacation in the works? If not, you can still embrace the sporty outerwear we first spotted on the runways. For a high-fashion twist, shrug your jacket off your shoulders, and show off a chic turtleneck underneath.

Statement sleeves


Le 21ème

While long flowing sleeves aren't always practical (try eating soup without having your top take a dip), they're too pretty to count out for winter. Whether a romantic bell or high-volume is more your style, a statement sleeve says you've got major style.

Stirrup Leggings


Style Du Monde

Reinventing the legging may seem like a fool's errand, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" right? Well, the latest iteration of the comfy-cool staple looks back to the '80s, for a unique twist that really does work. Worn looped over a pair of heels feels extra fresh.



Collage Vintage

Ah, the humble turtleneck. It's simple, yes, but it may be the once piece you'll wear most often this winter. Style it under your favorite slip dress, or even a loose blouse, to add a creative (and cozy) twist to your look.



Timur Emek/Getty Images

It's been going strong since summer, but don't fret, velvet isn't going anywhere in the coming months. The luxe fabric instantly dresses up a simple look and makes for a statement style to rock at all of your upcoming holiday parties.