These Under-$150 Nordstrom Sale Finds Are Peak Extravagance Yet Affordable



My closet is currently stuffed to the brim, but I'll never turn down the chance to at least browse a sale. The latest event I'm fixated on is none other than Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale. And if you know anything about sales, this one is pretty legendary. I've already talked about the viral accessories the retailer has seriously discounted, but now, I'm shifting gears to one of my specialties: expensive-looking staples for less. 

When it comes to scouting affordable fashion finds that deceptively look designer, it's best to go for pieces with simple details and hefty materials. Think thick knits, crisp poplin, and denim as well as structured jackets with minimal touches. Scanning Nordstrom's epic sale, I spotted several of those go-to items, including blazers that I'd never guess were a cent below $500. To run through all of the luxurious staples I discovered, keep scrolling below. Each of them is guaranteed to serve peak extravagance. 

As simple as it is, this tank has amazing reviews.

You can wear these pants with anything.

An oversize poplin shirt makes everything look put-together.

Yes, they're sweatpants, but the minimalistic details give this pair a sophisticated look.

Reviewers gave this five stars across the board.

Wear this now with sandals and swap in boots a few months from now.

A polished trench is a French-girl staple, which means it's a staple for me too.

Leather pants are a good option to jazz up a basic top.

If you don't have a clue about what to wear, a clean white tank will always look classic.

Yes, jeans can look expensive—here's the proof.

Polos may be preppy chic, but they help really bring home the rich-mom aesthetic.

Grabbing this in July may seem early, but it will be totally worth it soon.

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