4 Winter Pieces That Will Cost You Less Than $13 Per Wear



We're right at the tipping point where fall's light layering gives way to winter's heavy-duty dressing. If October was all about eyeing and predicting which trends would really take hold, now November (and the rest of the winter months) is the time to place our bets and put our money where our mouths are. We're getting serious about which winter trends are really worth our time and which ones simply aren't. Since there's really no way to know for sure if a new purchase will pull its weight and prove to be worth it, we're identifying five fall items that pose little to no risk.

How exactly do we know this? We did a cost-per-wear calculation to prove just how much value lies in each of the items on our fall shopping list. Ultimately, we came to the conclusion that, given how many outfit ideas we have saved for each item, it will cost us less than $13 every time we wear the piece (given that we copy each of the outfit ideas, of course). If you're doing some winter shopping on a budget, each of these four buys—a teddy coat, bright sweater, snakeskin boots, and plaid pants—really makes your dollar go the distance. Because we all know that feeling of disappointment when we see a dress hanging in our closet that never actually saw the light of day.

Don't believe us when we say that each item costs less than $13 per wear? Keep reading to see the outfit ideas that prove it, and then shop the items guilt-free.

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