6 Winter Essentials You Can Get on Amazon for Less Than $30

Winter is coming. Sorry for the cliché Game of Thrones reference, but I kind of had to. Seriously though, with temperatures skydiving into true winter weather territory in most of the country, it’s safe to say that the brisk days of fall have given way to winter’s unforgiving cold. Naturally, the first thing on our minds is how to make the seasonal transition much easier on our wardrobes.

First of all, layering is a thing, and if you’ve somehow missed the boat on the strategy, we have a few ideas here. But fret not, if you’re feeling caught off guard by the sudden influx of winter weather, Amazon’s fashion section is the perfect winter shopping destination as you’ll soon see ahead. Turn to it to stock up on the essentials you’ll order with two-day shipping through your Prime account that you can wear for the entire season.

The following pieces might seem obvious once you’re in the swing of winter dressing, but if you’re suddenly feeling struck by the cold season, we have a feeling you’ll jump at the chance to order essentials like (fun) tights, chunky knit sweaters, and layering turtlenecks. These are the essentials that, come the middle of the season, you’ll find yourself wearing over and over again—all the more reason to hop to it and shop them on Amazon now because that Prime shipping is no joke.

Keep reading to shop the under-$30 edit of Amazon’s best winter fashion essentials.

1. Thin Turtlenecks



Thin turtlenecks are like the holy grail of layering and the building block of any winter wardrobe. Wear them underneath button-downs and dresses, and tuck them into jeans, skirts, and everything else.

Fact: Everyone needs a thin turtleneck in black.

This will give your look a fun pop of color.

2. Black Tights



Black tights are essential as anyone who refuses to stop wearing skirts and dresses in the winter will know. Whether you're looking to stock up on simple opaque tights or trying your hand at a pattern, Amazon fashion has got you.

Look closely—this fishnet pair is sprinkled with crystals.

Add interest to your winter outfits with a patterned pair of tights.

3. Chunky Knit Sweaters



Cozy up in an oversize chunky knit sweater. Wear with a slip skirt like Ellie did here or tuck one into jeans, you really can't go wrong.

This marbled knit would go great with a simple pair of skinny jeans.

4. Berets



So it's cold enough that you have to wear a hat, fine. Why not reach for an equally on-trend and weather-friendly beret? Amazon's got so many cool options to choose from.

Why not just copy the above outfit?

This powder blue will pop against a dark coat.

5. Velvet Headbands



The hair accessory all the cool girls are wearing right now? Velvet headbands. Wear one with a sweater and jeans on a casual day or dress it up via crystal earrings as Caroline did here.

Nothing like a three-pack for anyone who's indecisive about choosing a color.

6. Wool Scarves



With all the talk about winter boots and coats right now, scarves are often an afterthought. But even if you waited until the last minute to sort out your winter outerwear game, Amazon's speedy shipping and affordable scarf selection will come in clutch.

This one easily looks triple its price.